A Cry for Help Reached Germany: USA Here We Are!

May 11, 2021

What a start into Q2! vivenu has successfully entered the U.S. market. By empowering ticket sellers with a unified, powerful ticketing platform that reduces users’ workload and replaces outdated technical solutions, vivenu entered the U.S. market with a Boom! A cry for help was answered. "USA - Here We Are!"

But let's start with the status quo... The ticketing industry in the U.S. is more than broken! Large players still dominate the market - unable to adapt to the current needs of clients with sticky and more than outdated solutions from the 90s, draining every bit of joy of ticketing managers.

So the obvious happened. Inbound leads swamped over from the States and made vivenu’s expansion to take off. Wasting no time, vivenu has been able to create several great partnerships with progressive sport leagues: The Basketball League (TBL), the ABA, and the WABA with over 250 teams that have chosen vivenu to rock their ticketing. In no longer than a couple of weeks, many more clients followed - with way more to come!

Joseph Newman, the CEO of the American Basketball Association, has been blown away by the solution and was not shy to share his thoughts on vivenu in his latest public announcement:

“This is one incredible company, one incredible online ticket platform. It will make it possible for fans to buy tickets to all 200+ ABA teams’ games instantly. We feel it is the future of online ticketing, effortless and self-empowered. Amazing technology and definitely steps above any other system.”

vivenu is overly enthusiastic about bringing their tech-leading system overseas, ensuring U.S. customers are served with an immersive experience which reflects their local needs and special requirements. After the great initial success, vivenu is in the process of hiring a U.S. business development, customer success and solution engineering team and opening up a local presence.

If you are a motivated challenger who isn’t afraid to turn this old-fashioned industry upside down, do not hesitate to contact us and explore career opportunities with vivenu! "USA Here We Go!"