Berlin’s secure plan to open ice-skating rinks to over 300,000 people during Covid-19 times

Oct 12, 2020

Berlin, Berlin (Germany), October 12th, 2020

In times of the pandemic event organizers and venues face operative challenges: Collecting personal data, managing restricted capacities, ensuring that no one is excluded and that as many people as possible can join the activities - all while guaranteeing safety.

In order to manage safety for all visitors and avoid further spread of the Covid-19 virus, the following measures are recommended:

  • Mitigation of queues: Selling tickets online for single time slots with predefined contingents guarantees that the number of people visiting the location never exceeds the recommended capacity. Thereby queues are avoided, bulking is mitigated and the number of total visitors is maximized.  
  • Avoiding cash payments: Paying at the Point-of-Sale takes ages. Finding these "exact 13,75€" is time-consuming and increases infection risk. For ticket buyers and staff alike it is way more convenient, if tickets are pre-purchased online. By using a contact-less access control solution the entrance to the location is quicker and safer. With Covid-19 regulation, capacities are already limited. As a ticket seller you most definitely want to avoid non-paying no-shows right now.
  • Detection of infection chains: In order to understand infection chains and alarm people in case of an infection, collection personal details and tracking retention times is required. Handwritten lists are tiresome and difficult to handle. At the Berlin ice skating rinks it is required to personalize each ticket before downloading it. This guarantees that infection chains can be analyzed and understood.

The city of Berlin relies on vivenu as the city's official partner for its Covid-19 compliant reopening of the city's public ice skating rinks. The districts Berlin Mitte, Berlin Charlottenburg, and Berlin Neuköln merge all their offerings on one single platform.