Boost your Marketing ROI with Arenametrix’s integration for venues

Jun 13, 2022

We are excited to announce that Arenametrix is now available as an integration on the vivenu platform!  

At vivenu, we are always on the lookout for partnerships and integrations with solutions that, just like ours, set a new standard in their category. For ROI-first, data-driven ticket buyer engagement, Arenametrix is that solution.  

How Arenametrix works

In a nutshell, Arenametrix gives organizers across culture, sports, and entertainment events the tools to expand their ticket buyer relationship using rich data.  

Arenametrix pulls data from ticketing systems, reservation platforms, access control systems, cashless systems, satisfaction measurements, and many more sources to create a 360-degree view of every guest who buys a ticket for your events.  

Based on these profiles, Arenametrix gives you the tools to build sophisticated automated campaigns with touchpoints, messaging, and frequencies tailored to granular segments of your audience.   Integrations with leading providers for delivery across channels (SMS, e-mail, Facebook, and Google to name a few) ensure that you send the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.  

For our customers, Arenametrix is live on vivenu’s platform today.  

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