Empowerment, Independence, Openness: What drives us

Jun 28, 2022

Customer focus is at the core of our business – which is why we keep a close connection to leading organizers around the globe. In our conversations with thousands of them, we found early on that three key focus areas kept emerging again and again. As time went by, the demand for products that cater to these became so apparent that we have decided to make them our measuring stick for what our product should deliver for organizers.

In short, organizers worldwide demand a solution that

  1. empowers
  2. makes them independent
  3. is absolutely open and flexible

Read on to find out how we built vivenu around these Big 3 – and why for organizers who are ready to rock their future, vivenu is the obvious choice.

Empowering your operations

When we started talking to organizers, we were shocked! Far from being empowered and self-sufficient in their operations, they were trapped: For every little change, e.g. making minor tweaks to a seat map or changing a coupon logic, they had to call up their account management – who would then ask them to send in an email describing in detail the changes they wanted to make and then took ages to get back to them.

That’s why we set out to build the first ticketing solution that empowers its users to do everything they ever wanted – but without wasting days on end waiting for their account manager to do it for them: The result is a product that empowers ticketing managers across the globe with its simplicity, easy workflows, and powerful, self-sufficient features. And with our industry-leading customer success team at their side, we make sure they get the support they need, whenever they need it!

Gaining full independence

No organizer likes to be locked in – especially when it comes to customer data and the inability to fully control branding of their ticketing experiences. However, this is exactly what legacy ticketing providers do. In essence, they are using all the hard-won customer relationships and brand awareness for their gain – and locking organizers out from profiting off of it.

vivenu is on the organizers’ side, and their side only. This means that with us, they get full access to all data on their customers, their transactions, and many many more data points – right from day one. No restrictions, no asterisks, nothing. vivenu enables organizers to build real, lasting relationships with their fans, show them the content they really care about – and ultimately drive revenue.

The same is true for the way organizers present their brand to the world. Unlike legacy solutions, vivenu simply fades into the background, so their brand can take center stage at all times. From the look and feel of online shops to the design of booking funnels, organizers can customize everything exactly to their needs.

Providing the flexibility and openness needed

In a world where success is increasingly determined by how well you can derive insights from data, connectivity is simply not negotiable anymore. Traditional ticketing solutions that bind organizers to their own systems and actively hinder them from linking their data know this – but it is in their own best interest to keep organizers in their closed systems.

Knowing that connectivity is the key to future success, we at vivenu built a solution that is completely open by default. With dozens of integrations like HubSpot and Shopify already live and many more in the pipeline, we enable organizers to maximize their value capture.

On top of this radically open platform, organizers can build whatever crazy functionality they desire using the best solutions out there – today and in the future.


Over the next weeks, we are going to explore in more detail how we enable organizers to gain full empowerment, independence, and openness. Of course, If you cannot wait to learn more, you can always book a meeting with one of our experts at vivenu.com/book-demo to see what vivenu can do for your ticketing.