How the Gladiators weathered Covid-19

Jan 19, 2022

When the pandemic hit, it soon posed existential challenges for event organizers around the world: Lockdowns, contact restrictions, and ever-changing restrictions on events have necessitated rapid adaptation to ever-changing circumstances.

German professional basketball team Gladiators Trier was no exception: Usually cheered on by a packed arena, the club now had to rapidly adjust to the new situation if it wanted to continue to put on its home games with fans, however limited.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have supplied the Gladiators with a range of functions to enable the team to continue to let their fans into the stadium under these restrictive conditions and to keep the negative effect on attendee numbers as low as possible.

Maximum security

With the vivenu algorithm for seat distribution under social distancing conditions, event organizers increase their capacity by up to 128% compared to manual seat distribution for compliance with Corona requirements. The result: Less revenue is lost and the Gladiators can react to new distancing and other rules in a flash, even under adverse conditions.

Shorter queues, faster check-in

With the vivenu check-in app, any commercially available smartphone becomes an access control device. With the certificate check feature in the check-in app and integrated certificate databases of all EU member states, vivenu enables the verification of vaccination certificates in seconds – and thus enables secure entry without long queues. For the Gladiators, this meant swift resolution of queues in front of the arena, thereby rapidly reducing infection risk.

Contract tracing made easy

With ticket personalization during checkout and flexible input fields for further information, contact tracing in case of an infection becomes hassle-free. Alternatively, the personalization can be made mandatory after booking, so guests can get to their tickets as fast as possible without needing to go through additional steps.

The result

With the help of these features developed during the Covid pandemic, the Gladiators Trier and many other vivenu customers were able to put on successful games even during the pandemic, maximizing their attendee count under Covid restrictions.

Andre Ewertz, Managing Director of the Gladiators Trier, says: “vivenu was extremely helpful in letting us present our games with an audience even under Corona conditions. Especially the split-second check of tickets and vaccination certificates in the vivenu check-in app is extremely helpful im avoiding queues and ensuring a safe experience for our fans."

About the Gladiators

The Gladiators Trier, also known as Römerstrom Gladiators Trier, are a professional basketball club based in German city Trier. Founded in 1990, the club has a storied history in the German professional first and second basketball leagues, regularly competing in national playoffs.

Find out more about the Gladiators Trier here: römerstrom-gladiators.dePhoto Credit: Simon Engelbert, PHOTOGROOVE