Innovative festival organizer BonnLive trusts vivenu

Sep 15, 2021

Our highly-valued partners Green Juice, a storied indie and rock music festival, and the Panama EDM Festival partnered up to create something that was a beacon of hope for so many people during lockdown: The largest fully Covid-compliant outdoor event location in Germany, offering space for 60k guests.

We first got to know the folks at BonnLive when they were searching for a ticketing solution that would allow them to make access to their 2020 festivals for more than 60,000 guests Covid-compliant. Under the new normal, their requirements for ticketing had increased in an instant: they now needed complex seating, tools for contact tracing, and other sophisticated tools. As uncompromising and ROI-minded festival professionals, they conducted a structured search for a solution that w ould deliver all of these features – while allowing them to stay firmly in control.

In vivenu, BonnLive found a partner who could deliver on all of these. Even better, the partnership is grounded in a shared spirit: we both value powerful tools and live a digital-first mindset. With ticketing and checkins powered by vivenu, BonnLive has full control over their customer data and marketing – and with vivenu's intuitive workflows and always-on customer success support, they can spend more time on what really matters: creating outstanding experiences.

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Photo Credit: Frederic Hafner