Navigating easier through your dashboard: vivenu’s quick search

Jan 3, 2020

Frankfurt, Hesse (Germany), January 3rd, 2020

Have you recently logged in? Then you will have noticed some changes in vivenu's dashboard. On the top left, just below the organizer info you will find our new quick search. The search gives you the opportunity to look for any content in your account - no matter whether you are editing an event, evaluating sales figures or searching for customer data.

You can search everything – in real time

Using intelligent search & filter algorithms, we scan events, transactions, customers, tickets and much more for you in real time and provide you with the results sorted by relevance at the blink of an eye. With a simple click on the result you can immediately jump to the corresponding detail page.

Pro-Tip: Use the shortcut CTRL + F to start the quick search even faster.

Beneath the surface

To guarantee lightning-fast search results we use a variety of database indices in the background. These provide us with an efficiently searchable structure of data thereby enabling consistently fast queries.

For some search fields we also maintain a caching layer, which we update either on demand or via our streaming platform.

We are planning to expand our quick search scan to even more modules in the future. Among other things, we are currently working on searchable structures for seats, discounts and more!

If you haven't tried the vivenu quick search yet, it's worth it.

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