vivenu is beyond proud to announce a 3 year partnership with Opel Zoo

Apr 8, 2021

Kronberg im Taunus, Hesse (Germany), April 4th, 2021

A welcome silver lining to the grey cloud that is yet another Covid-related lockdown in Germany, institutions including animals parks and zoos are being allowed to reopen, provided the infection rate in their area is below a given threshold. As they are typically open-air and spacious, zoos are among the safest possible candidates for a Covid-compliant reopening.

A recognized nonprofit, the Opel Zoo, connects visitors and animals in a natural environment with no visible boundaries. Located near Frankfurt, amidst the scenic slopes between Kronberg and Königstein, the zoo is home to over 230 species of animals. Along with the only elephants in the German state of Hessen, an exhaustive list of critters including giraffes, zebras, meerkats, red pandas, cheetahs, kangaroos and more attract nearly a million explorers to the park every year.

Opel Zoo is among the many organizations deciding to take advantage of the lockdowns and treat these unfortunate closures as an opportunity to reconsider their ticketing system, setting the stage for an improved experience beyond Covid-19. Challenges await the zoo’s staff as they reopen, including collecting the personal data of visitors, limiting entry, eliminating queues, and instituting a contactless entry process. Hurdles like these are among the many reasons the zoo has chosen to part from outdated ticketing systems and embrace the future through vivenu’s modern platform.

With the ability to own their data, customize their shop’s appearance and more, moving to vivenu will allow them to more quickly make changes to their ticketing process, leverage intelligent data insights, break free from ancient pricing models, create a beautiful shop in line with their brand, and help Opel Zoo to deliver a unforgettable wildlife adventure that begins as soon as attendees visit their website.

vivenu is honored to assist a valuable nonprofit institution like Opel Zoo during the pandemic by helping them to ensure a flawless guest experience for years to come.

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