Product Update 5/2022

May 30, 2022

We have shipped a number of exciting new features over the last few weeks. In this post, we share new features, why we are so excited about them, and how help empower organizers around the world. Let's get started!

Conditional availabilities: seamless and transparent

First off, we have made conditional availabilities even more powerful.

To recap, conditional availabilities are a great if you want to set rules for what tickets need to be in a shopping cart in order to proceed to checkout. A typical scenario where conditional availabilities are used is theme park admissions: Operators want to make sure that every child is accompanied by at least one adult, so they use conditional availabilities to ensure that a cart with minor tickets can only proceed to checkout if at least one adult ticket is added.

Conditional availabilities are a huge success with our customers already, but we wanted to make them as seamless as possible for ticket buyers, too. For some visitors of vivenu shops, greying out ticket types to mark them as conditionally available was confusing. To give your shop visitors more transparency, we have adjusted the booking flow to prioritize free choice without compromising conditionality: By default, buyers can choose from all ticket types. If they breach a conditional availability, they are notified in the checkout – with actionable steps to resolve the challenge promptly.

With this update, we are taking what ticket buyers have told us to heart – and provide a solution that prioritizes transparency and seamless buyer experience without compromising organizer needs.

Fee schemes gain more capabilities

In keeping with the theme of building seamless buyer experiences without sacrificing organizer priorities, we have also updated our fee schemes feature to optimize transparency in the booking journey.

With fee schemes, organizers on the vivenu platform can already attach different fees to tickets based on criteria they can freely define, e.g., if they want to impose a higher fee on tickets with a price between $50 and $100 – and a lower fee if the ticket price is less than $50.

These variable fees are already a great way for organizers to maximize revenue while maintaining flexibility. With the latest update to fee schemes, organizers can now make fees transparent in the checkout process by neatly breaking how the fees for different items in the cart that come together in the total fee displayed in the checkout.

Questions around fee composition are among the most frequent from ticket buyers – and all too often, they stem from a lack of transparency in how they come together. This update to fee schemes brings full transparency to this part of the buying experience.

Transparent fee schemes are great if your shopping carts tend to include a handful of items from different categories, like camping passes and food & beverage packages for festivals. With fee schemes, the fees attached to the individual items are transparently listed next to the item, giving maximum insight into the composition of the final fee amount.

Additional payment methods

As we build out the vivenu platform for enterprise-grade organizers, we are always looking for the features with the highest impact to these customers. This one definitely clears the bar.

When you sell millions of tickets across a number of venues, dependable administration and accurate accounting become exponentially more important. You have millions on the line and an ambitious growth plan, so you simply can't afford to work with a system that does not cater to your exact needs.

With additional payment methods, we are further building out CFO-ready accounting directly from vivenu, making deep analysis seamless right out of the box.

How do we do it? With the updated payments functionality, organizers on the vivenu platform can now tag every single transaction according to payment method used, enable easier claims management, and point every transaction to a specific cost center. This way, accounting departments can make sure that every transaction is logged exactly to their needs – and drive meaningful aggregate analysis.

Ticket Print+: A whole new way to interact with your guests

Ticketing is only one part of your guest journey: In the same way that a ticket itself is only a key to an experience, it can also act as a key to a unique visitor experience once in the venue.

Let’s say you want to equip all your guests with unique badges for your event, including their name and affiliation. This used to be a cumbersome process: Even if you had the badges already printed, you still needed to search for the right one every single time a guest checks in, significantly lengthening the check-in process and producing annoying queues.

With Ticket Print+, you can automate this process – and do so much more. Simply check in the guest via the vivenu POS app and your pre-built printing automation will automatically set in motion a job on a connected on-site printer. Your guest gets his personalized visitor package in seconds, enhancing his experience and saving your access control personnel precious time they can spend on making your guests feel welcome.

Ticket Print+ does not stop there. The combination of personalization, automation, and on-site printers means that you can produce a wide range of personalized print products right at the access control point, from individualized NDAs to personal vouchers for food and beverage.

For vivenu customers, all these updates are already live on the vivenu platform. If you have any questions, just reach out to your customer success representative and we will get you started.

If you are not a vivenu customer yet but like what you've just read, reach out! Our experts are happy to walk you through the product and explore how we can help you supercharge your ticketing.