The Big Five for Ticket Buyer Support

Feb 23, 2022

When one of your customers has a problem related to their tickets or your event, this is an unexpected, sensitive part of their journey with you. How your organization handles this problem for them can make all the difference.  

A great, empathic treatment ending in a swift resolution earns a raving review and a recommendation to a friend.  

On the other hand, a slow response leaving them disoriented, anxious, and vulnerable is something that is extremely hard to correct – and will forever be the first association they have with your brand.  

So how do you make sure that your customer success team delivers the best experience possible? Here are five actionable tips gleaned from users of the vivenu platform.  

1. Empathy is paramount

When your guests reach out to your customer support, something has gone wrong. This can be trivial, like an elderly trying to rebook their tickets and wanting a personal connection. But the reasons can be more personal and, sometimes, jarring: From guests canceling family tickets due to divorce, to requests for ticket refunds as a result of a family emergency. Whatever the reason, those contacting your customer support are usually in a situation that is uncomfortable for them. Great ticket buyer support, then, always starts from a place of empathy and understanding for your guest’s situation.  

2. The faster, the better

Your guests would rather not have the problem they are asking you to solve. So right after empathy, the speed at which you solve their problem is the biggest influence on their happiness with the overall customer experience. They just want to get on with their lives and you to help them. For your customer success operations, then, it makes sense to do everything to close tickets quickly. There are many things you can do to improve this metric, from templates for recurring requests to a clear internal documentation of where in your organization to ask for answers to specific questions.   With vivenu’s Magic Templates, smart preset rules, organizers on our platform have pushed their resolve times below five minutes – instead of days or even weeks with traditional ticketing applications.  

3. Transparency wins

Making your guests feel in control at all times is a huge step towards building a solid foundation of trust in a situation that is a complicator for them. By walking them through every step of the process as you go above resolving their problem, you give them the security that they always know what is going on – and that everything you do is to their benefit.

4. Buyer empowerment pays off

The best way to reduce support requests is to give ticket buyers an easy and readily accessible way to react to and make changes on their own. This begins with sharing the many options available to them during and after booking. Organizers on vivenu can define and preset a variety of rules around cancellation policies, shipping options, personalizations, and options in case of postponement. As a result, ticket buyers are empowered with actionable options and can get to confidence without ever interacting with your support.  

5. Track to improve

On the operational side, there are a variety of processes and assets you can build to help your team respond quicker, resolve requests faster, and build enduring brand loyalty. This starts with a clear view of where your customer success team currently stands in terms of response rate and speed and ends with targeted surveys asking customers to rate their experience and suggest things to improve. All of these interactions and measurements create valuable data points on where your team can improve. Based on such granular research, taking the next step to improving these numbers is often surprisingly easy.

In building a powerful ticket buyer support function, getting these “big five” right is essential to building a team that is effective, does not waste your customers’ time, and consistently makes them feel safe, welcome, and in good hands with their challenges.  

So what can vivenu do for your ticket buyer support? Our many features for ticket buyer support put you in the perfect position to implement these tips. Just to name a few: .Dedicated support management module. Chat functionality. Optional Managed Support by vivenu. Magic Templates. Easy integration of your own support tools. Your response delivered via e-mail if a buyer is inactive in the chat.  

With these capabilities at their fingertips, organizers on vivenu drastically reduce their response time, build stronger customer relationships, and increase happiness in the long term.  

Read this far? Sounds like it makes sense to have a chat about what vivenu can do for your ticketing: Head to and get in touch!