Three Takeaways From INTIX 2022

Feb 7, 2022

At vivenu, constantly learning and challenging the status quo is essential to our growth. It is the only way that we can continue to be at the forefront of innovation and deliver the best ticketing solution in the market.

For ticketing, there is no better place than the annual International Ticketing Association(INTIX) conference to get a sense of the latest trends and current challenges of the largest and most prestigious organizers, technology partners, and venues. This is why, at this year’s conference in Orlando, Florida, we embraced the opportunity to talk to hundreds of ticketing practitioners and industry experts about the latest trends in the greatest industry in the world.

After four intense days of keynotes and meetings, we came away staggered by the drive for change currently underway in ticketing – and distilled our learnings into three big takeaways that will continue to shape the industry.

End-to-end processes are key

Consumers increasingly expect a buying experience that is seamless and tailored exactly to their preferences. The only way to deliver these experiences in the future will be to own and control the entire process from creating awareness to check-out – and leverage partnerships with best-of-breed solutions across the value chain. Accordingly, the rise of fully-integrated, holistic ticketing systems and experiences was at the top of the agenda for many organizers we talked to.

Data access is not optional anymore

Revenue generation, customer nurturing and guest engagement during the entire booking cycle will become increasingly data-driven. This trend is already well under way: Many of the most sophisticated organizers at the conference already recognize that full and unrestricted access to rich customer and transaction data is key to building digital revenue machines. As a result, vendors that do not offer this per default will increasingly come under pressure by solution providers who have recognized that data access is non-negotiable anymore.

Better and quicker management capabilities are paramount

Lastly, Covid-19 has clearly caused a lasting shift in what organizers value in a ticketing solution. Having weathered the pandemic and its ever-shifting requirements for organizers, they are now increasingly looking for ticketing solutions that enable them to move fast in adapting their operations and processes as they adapt to a fast-changing environment. In the midst of transitioning into the post-pandemic normal, technology solutions offering these superior management capabilities stand to profit from this shift.

From the enthusiastic feedback we have received from some of the most trailblazing organizers in the world during the conference, we are more certain than ever that vivenu’s open API-first solution is made exactly for these requirements. As we bring vivenu to market in the US, we will continue to build toward these strengths. Onwards!