vivenu's New Mission Statement

Nov 14, 2022

As the only customer-centric ticketing provider on the market, our team realized that such a unique position required a more targeted mission statement. All the members of the vivenu organization participated in voting for a new mission statement that better reflects our values. After careful consideration, this is the updated statement we agreed on:

Our mission is to build a ticketing platform that puts ticket sellers first so they’re empowered to create experiences that people love.

This is a bold statement, and our whole team agreed that it’s the best fit to describe our customer-centric approach to ticketing. Here are the concepts that inspired our updated mission statement:

  • We’re built for organizers. We created the vivenu platform to be easy to navigate so organizers have the freedom to run their ticketing operations the way they see fit. vivenu customers can independently change seat maps, adjust ticket pricing for offers like student discounts or courtside seats, create unique up-sell offers that can be included in the checkout, and much more. Of course, customer support is just a call away and always available via live chat.

  • We give organizers control. With vivenu, organizers can fully own the branding of their ticket shop without the vivenu logo present. They can shorten checkout flows, adjust the placements of buttons, and integrate their shop natively, all without touching a line of code. They also benefit from full control of their customer communications and can send out e-mails from their own domain. Check out how Overtime Elite and Qatar Creates designed stunning ticket shops with vivenu.

  • We help organizers boost revenue. We believe organizers should benefit from optimizing their revenue in any way they can! We give them the option to create up-sells, cross-sells, and unique packages, as well as include merchandise in their shop.

At vivenu, customer-centricity isn’t a buzzword — it’s the heart of our mission. To see how we compare to other popular ticketing providers, check out the quick comparisons to Eventbrite and Etix.