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Build the platform

Partnerships are essential to our growth: We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with the best in their respective fields who expand our value proposition with their products and services. vivenu's unique open platform approach means that every partner building and transacting on the platform enhances the quality of our product – and makes it more attractive to future customers. As part of the partnerships team, you are the first point of contact for companies looking to use vivenu to provide value to their own and vivenu's customers – and enabling a 100x experience for organizers.

Our partners are the best in what they do – together, we create more value for our customers.

Fix a broken industry

As part of the partnerships team, you are building the foundation for collaborative innovation in the event industry, one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. The technology organizers use is still stuck in the early 2000s. From our conversation with thousands of organizers, we know just how unhappy they are with their current solutions. With vivenu, we are building the first serious challenger to incumbent solutions in decades, based on the principles of openness, independence, and simplicity – and a best-in-class technology stack that enables organizers around the world to do more, faster, build their own solutions on top of the vivenu API, and achieve true autonomy.

Your impact is straightforward: You will revolutionize ticketing worldwide.

Our Partnerships DNA

Get it done

Together with our customers, we evaluate which partnerships can help them boost their operations and revenue growth. Then, we then give our technology and solution partners the opportunity to build to our customers’ specifications, taking them from 95% to 100% happiness with best in class tools on the vivenu platform.

Be relentless

As vivenu's interface functions with external partners, we do a lot of work internally to get to our goal: We spend a lot of time getting their asks and concerns on the agenda of our product, sales, customer experience and operations functions. To deliver for our partners, we keep pushing to get their needs on the agenda.

Keep growing

Our partners are some of the most innovative players in their field, constantly introducing us to new technologies, business models, and ways of doing things. To accomodate them, we need to always be on top of the latest trends. It's the only way we can be true assets to both our partners and the wider vivenu team.

Deliver the 100x

If we want our partners to stick around and build exceptional products and services on the vivenu platform, we have to demonstrate and enhance the value the vivenu platform can have to their business every day. This starts with an unparalleled product experience and extends through a best-in-class partner success experience.

What does a typical day look like?


You are heading into the daily standup with your team with great news: A development agency specializing in booking funnels for festival organizers has signed the partnership contract last night and is ready to build amazing experiences for vivenu customers. You collect a well-earned applause and head into the day energized.

Weekly With Engineering Lead

Every day, you collect valuable feedback on what our partners need. Translating these needs into product features is what your weekly exchanges with one of vivenu's Engineering Leads are all about. You have developed a very productive routine by now, so you zip through the new feedback and product updates before quickly aligning on next steps and delivery timelines.

Onboarding Call

The agency you signed on yesterday has scheduled an onboarding call to walk through the best way to get started offering their services on the vivenu platform. Together with a Anna from the Customer Experience team, you show them around the platform and answer their questions. Afterwards, you introduce them to Martin from Sales Engineering. He will show the agency's staff around the API so they can get started right away.


Over sandwiches with the team, you discuss the latest personal updates. Josh just proposed to his girlfriend and is showing pictures of the moment. This is amazing: You have met Alexandra a couple of times at social events and they seemed like a match made in heaven. You make plans to celebrate this Friday.

Call Prep

With this partner, you are almost there: They have a great track record of developing beautiful, highly performant mobile apps for the event industry and now want to access the vivenu customer base to offer their service on the platform. Now, the only thing left to iron out are the particulars. You dive in, review the negotiations up to now, and enter the call confident that the remaining differences can be resolved.

Contract Negotiation

This negotiation went smoothly: Clear, open, and solution-oriented, both sides presented their arguments and got right into cleaning them up. At the end, you both have made some concessions – and virtually toast to a partnership that will provide great value for both sides.

Manager Update

To keep your manager in the loop and get his input on partnership cases where you feel like you need a second look, you meet up with him once a week to go over your pipeline. Armed with some actionable insights, you leave the meeting knowing what to do next to get your existing partnership prospects over the line.

Walkthrough of Customer Case

You sit down with one of your agency partners to discuss an exciting new customer on the vivenu platform who would be the perfect fit for their expertise. This customer is special: They are selling three million tickets per year for what has quickly become a household name franchise in the cage-fighting space. You leave the meeting confident that the agency can deliver for them – and gladly introduce them to each other.

Heading Home

After a day filled with wins and lots of progress on projects for incredible organizers, you head home after stopping at the supermarket. It's taco night and this week, it's your turn to feed a horde of friends while chatting it up.

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