The modern alternative to Etix: Futureproof ticketing

Is an old-school ticketing system hurting your sales? Explore the ticketing solution with real customer service, great features, and absolute independence. See why we're the preferred alternative to Etix ticketing.

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Why Etix customers switch to vivenu

Full independence

Etix tightly limits the parts of the ticket buying experience you can customize. With fully customizable checkout flows, including smart upsell logics, vivenu removes the friction from your ticket buying process – and helps you convert more visitors into loyal customers who buy more.

Reliable service

Etix’s account management doesn’t always show up when you need them most. With a sub-10-minutes response time, our Customer Success team is here for you – and has your back when it’s crunch time. We also offer consulting, calls, and video conferences as true partners!

Data-driven growth

Etix hides your ticketing and online shop performance from you, making you jump through hoops to access the data. With vivenu, you get access to all data on your customers and how they spend their money with you. Use data that belongs to you to build campaigns that drive revenue!

At a glance: Why organizers are upgrading to vivenu's modern solution

Intuitive dashboards
Free ticket buyer support
Seamless checkouts
Complex seatmaps
Full access to customer data
Unlimited scalability
White-label capability
Competitive pricing structure

Limitless connectivity

vivenu lets you create the best guest experience — with dozens of powerful integrations to make the most of your ticketing.

Automate your ticket buyer engagment by integrating with HubSpot’s leading marketing and sales automation platform

Connect your vivenu and Salesforce accounts by automatically creating new leads for every ticket buyer

Integrate product sales into your ticket purchase flow, with the market leader in online shop technology for ambitious sellers

Stripe’s integration with vivenu allows easy access to 60+ international payments, made seamless with convenient integration

Participate in the upside of the secondary-market, with Ticketswap’s leading scalping-denial functionality

A rock-solid foundation for your success

$65MVenture funding
Millionsof tickets sold annually
3Offices globally

The three vivenu pillars for your success


Use vivenu to effortlessly cut through complexity: Do everything like you’re used to, but accomplish way more. With fully-customized experiences around ticketing and seat selection, discover efficient workflows and easy to use features built in close collaboration with experienced ticketing managers.


Etix is limiting your ability to build independently-branded experiences and access your customer data. With vivenu, you enjoy complete autonomy in your shop and booking streak design – and full access to all data from day one. Improve your conversion rates with limitless branded experiences and new insights.


vivenu’s open platform gives you powerful tools to boost your revenue. By effectively eliminating friction from the buying process and offering smart ways to introduce upsells and cross-sells to your ticketing experience, vivenu helps you drive top-line growth – so you can invest into magical experiences that delight your customers.

Done with Etix?
We make it easy to switch to vivenu.

Our Customer Success team will partner with you every step of the way to make sure you and your team are set up for long term success.

Explore vivenu – the platform that lets you grow

If you are looking for an Etix alternative that empowers you with real customer service, great features, and absolute independence, vivenu has got you covered. See it for yourself.