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Festung bei Nacht

Festung bei Nacht

Schaurige Geschichten aus der Festungschronik
Thu 6:00 PM
Festung Königstein
, Königstein

Schließkapitän Clemens lädt in schmucker Barockuniform zu einem Rundgang bei Laternenschein ein. Erleben Sie die Bergfestung exklusiv ohne Besucher und lauschen Sie den dramatischen Geschichten mal in den unterirdischen Kasematten, mal an der Festungsmauer hoch über dem Elbtal. Abschließend erwartet Sie im barocken Lustschlösschen eine Überraschung. Alternativ führt Sie auch Agnes, die Frau des Schließkapitäns, im barocken Kleid.

Lesen Sie in unserem Festungstagebuch(opens in a new tab), wie ein echter Festungsforscher diese Führung erlebt hat.

  • Dauer: 120 Minuten
  • Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 25 Personen
  • Treffpunkt: Pforte (Kasse am Fußweg zum Festungsplateau)

Ticketpreise (inklusive Ausleihe einer Laterne und einem Glas Weißwein bzw. Saft)

  • Erwac(opens in a new tab)hsene: 15 €
  • Kinder (7 bis 16 Jahre): 7 €
  • Gruppen bis 15 Personen: 225 € sowie jede weitere Person 15 €
Festung bei Nacht
Festung Königstein
Thu 6:00 PM
Festung Königstein
, Königstein


Festung Königstein

Welcome to the ticket shop of Königstein Fortress!

Book your tickets for your visit online - this will shorten the waiting time at the entrance. You can also book tickets here for the popular evening tours "Fortress by Night" and "Mysterious Musical Fortress Tour" (only in German language) as well as for the "Morning Picnic High above the Elbe Valley".

Vivid history with a panoramic view

On an area of 13 football fields, Königstein Fortress is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. Embedded into a bizarre rocky landscape, the fortress is enthroned on a table mountain – visible from afar. From a height of 247 m, the former unconquerable fortress offers splendid views to the Saxon Switzerland National Park as well as to the foothills of the eastern Ore Mountains and Dresden.

The gigantic hilltop fortress with more than 50 imposing buildings such as barracks, casemates, the deep well, and well-kept gardens offers culture, nature, and fun for large and small explorers.

Modern and interactive exhibitions convey the multifaceted history of the fortress in an informative, entertaining and playful way. The numerous hands-on stations offer "history to touch" and are not only popular with children. Don’t miss to visit:

  • IN LAPIDE REGIS – On the King’s Stone

In this exhibition, more than 500 exhibits, 3D images, and true-to-life figure installations illustrate historic milestones.

  • The Old Armoury – the Fortress’s Oldest Arms Depot

The exhibition tells the story of the building and the fortress artillery from 1590 to 1850. It shows impressive cannons, heavy guns, handguns, and accessories, some of which are more than 400 years old.

  • Imprisoned at Königstein Hill – „Saxony’s Bastille“

State enemies, revolutionaries, duellers, prisoners of war – all of them were securely kept at Königstein hill. The exhibition informs about the fortress’s prisons and the detainees’ fates.

  • The deepest Well of Saxony – a Miners‘ Masterpiece

Almost everybody will remember looking down into the 152.5 meters deep well. At the Well House, models and animations illustrate the different water extraction methods.

In addition to regular thematic guided tours (in german language - guided tours in English have to be booked in advance), the event calendar of Königstein Fortress also offers military-historical spectacles, musical and culinary events as well as numerous activities for families with children.

Opening hours:

April - October: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (last admission: 5 p.m.)

November - March: 9 am - 5 pm (last admission: 4 pm) in a new tab)

Other events of Festung Königstein