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Questions after the transaction is complete?

Can I resell my tickets?

As long as the organizer does not have any other ruling in place, you are entitled to resell tickets. In case of personalized tickets (tickets for which each ticket must be associated with the particular guest name) you may repersonalize them by default. You can do this via the ticket link in the ticket email or in your vivenu account. If repersonalization is not possible, please contact us or the organizer of the event directly. You can find the resale conditions in vivenu’s terms of conditions for ticket buyers. It is important to note that tickets may not be offered at a higher price than the one in the organizers’ ticket shop. Exceptions can only be made with a written permission by vivenu or the organizer.

I ordered tickets that I am to receive via post. When do these tickets arrive?

So called Hardtickets which have to be printed and sent, are sent on the same day of the order or on the following day if the order was placed after 19:00 CEST. Tickets usually arrive one to four working days after the order was placed. If your tickets don’t arrive on time or do not arrive at all, please send us a support ticket.

Can I exchange my tickets?

vivenu acts in the name of the organizer. The organizer manages the events and releases tickets for it and sells them via vivenu. As long as nothing else is agreed and the organizer does not clearly state otherwise, the exchange, the cancellation and withdrawal of tickets is not accepted. You are explicitly informed about this during the checkout process.

Can I withdraw my order?

No, the withdrawal of a ticket purchase is excluded by default. After a verdict from the Amtsgericht München from 02.12.2005 a ticket purchase via the internet or telephone does not meet the criteria to be a remote sales act. Therefor all contracts signed with vivenu are no remote sales acts and further there is no right of withdrawal for ticket buyers. The order of tickets over vivenu’s platform is binding and automatically commits the buyer to the acceptance and payment of the purchased tickets.

How and where do I find my e-Tickets?

After the completion of the checkout process and successful payment you will be directed to our checkout page where you may download the purchased tickets as a PDF or directly into your Apple Wallet. The PDF ticket can be printed or saved on your smartphone and brought to the event. Additionally, we will send you an Email with the purchased tickets attached to make sure you receive them. If you cannot find your tickets, please contact our support team via the support form on our website. Do you have a vivenu account? Even better! You can find an overview of your order history and all the download links for your tickets in there.

Can I load my tickets into my Wallet?

Yes, you can download tickets into the Apple Wallet. After a successful Order you are directed to our checkout page where you can save the purchased tickets as a PDF or download it to the Apple Wallet directly. Apple Wallets tickets can be scanned unproblematically at the entry point of the designated event.

Are my tickets attached to my name?

If you are not asked for specific names for the single tickets during the checkout process, the tickets are not personalized and may be gifted or resold. In the case of a resale please read our terms of service for ticket buyers before doing so. Therefore, they cannot be sold at a higher price than the original price listed on the organizers ticket shop. Exceptions can be made by the organizer or vivenu in written form.

How can i reach vivenu?

We are available for you from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 22pm via our support form on our website.

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