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Questions about an Event?

Do I have to print out my tickets?

Tickets do not have to be printed out. It suffices if you bring the ticket as an e-ticket on your smartphone or if you download it into your Apple Wallet. Please ensure that the Ticket and especially the EAN Code is big enough, clearly visible and not obstructed by any means. A screenshot of the ticket is generally not enough.

Does my Ticket guarantee entry to the Event?

A ticket entitles you to the entry of the event, yet it does not guarantee entry to it. The house right of the organizer or the owner of the event location remains standing. The regulations and especially the terms of service of the organizer are to be respected. In case of an exclusion from the event the tickets are usually not exchanged.

Who is the Organizer?

The organizer is labeled clearly in the ticket shop and the imprint. vivenu is not the organizer of the events in the ticket shop.

Questions about the event?

We will gladly help you with all the questions regarding the ticket purchase, the entrance and the payment processes. For direct questions about the event the organizer is the lead contact and will be able to answer all existing questions. The organizer is clearly determined in the ticket shop and its respective imprint.

What happens with my tickets if an event gets cancelled or rescheduled?

If an Event gets rescheduled or is cancelled, you will generally get notified and receive a full refund. The organizer may have different regulations which can be found in the organizer’s terms and services. As long as the ticket buyer is entitled to a refund and the renumeration has not been payed to the organizer, vivenu will refund the ticket price to the ticket buyer after consultation with the organizer. As long as the ticket buyer is entitled to a refund and the renumeration has been paid in full by vivenu to the organizer, the ticket buyer has no right to a refund by vivenu. In these cases the refund of the buying price are to be discussed with the organizer directly.

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