Your data, liberated

Say goodbye to data silos and uneducated guesses on how your marketing works – with our rich data platform that empowers you to take full control, reach more customers and drive sales

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Finally own your data

Data has been locked away from your reach – break them out with vivenu. We win when you win, so we provide you with the best tools to build great ticketing experiences for your customers. There is no reason why anybody but you and you alone should own your data.

Leverage the potential of data to boost your revenues

Learn more about your customers with our dedicated analytics capabilities – and use the insights to build, execute, and measure marketing campaigns directly from within vivenu. → Whole section is missing on the website.

Harness the full power of your data

Extend your marketing capabilities with our powerful API

Always be steps ahead. Connect your existing data sources and all tools you are using. With our API-first platform, the times of data silos and not understanding your customers are finally over

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