Welcome to the first truly unified sales experience

Leave the days of distributed sales channels behind you and enter the age of connectivity – with our smart platform as the beating heart of your modern, digitally-enabled event experience, we help you aggregate, structure and deliver ticket contingents regardless of channel.

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Get with the times and enter a world of fully connected sales channels

With vivenu ticket sellers around the globe build all-in-one experiences to sell and manage ticket contingents across all channels. Sell tickets at the Point-of-Sale, via secret shops, your own app or external platforms – and analyze your performance across channels, regions and customer segments.

  • All your data in one place

    Break down data silos and analyze all sales statics on one platform – taking the time-to-data to seconds, not days.

  • One central management hub

    Create and manage all your channels in one place and easily configure prices and contingents.

  • Point-of-Sale on steroids

    Manage your over-the-counter sales hassle-free with our intuitive solution – no matter where or how you want.

Explore all the benefits

Invitation Management

Invite guests via secret shops or with our invitation management tools

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Omni-channel Sales

The days of distributed sales are long over, welcome to omni-channel ticketing

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Point of Sale

Extend your reach and efficiently sell your remaining stock at the POS

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Secondary Market

Let your buyers securely sell their tickets on an integrated secondary market and generate additional revenues

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Is your ticketing solution limiting your ability to sell efficiently on all channels?

Set free your sales today! With our prebuilt tools and APIs there are no limits on how and where to sell tickets. Our platform is the central hub for creating, editing, and managing your ticketing experiences, prices, automations and configurations on all channels.