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DanceBlue Volunteer Registration 2024
DanceBlue Volunteer Registration 2024

DanceBlue Volunteer Registration 2024

Sat 5:30 PM
University of Kentucky
160 Avenue of Champions, Suite A239B, Lexington
The sale has ended

It’s that time of year again – time for DanceBlue 2024! Each year, the University of Kentucky’s students, along with the help of their community, put on one of the school’s biggest events - a 24 hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon! This year is no exception, and we need your help! As a volunteer at DanceBlue 2024, you get a front row seat to experience the joy that students feel and create throughout each of the 24 hours, all for Kentucky’s kids.

We are currently seeking volunteers ages 18 and over to help us with twelve (12) different volunteer shift opportunities. Each shift is listed here as a volunteer “ticket” (for purchase) that you can choose from. Individuals will only be allowed to sign up for one (1) volunteer shift, where responsibilities will range from serving meals to hungry dancers to supporting dancers in the Recovery Room.

General Shifts: $30 per volunteer; UK Student and UK Staff discounts available with codes

Meal Hour Shifts: $15 for everyone

*If the cost is limiting for you, please contact [email protected] to potentially help with Strike at the end of the marathon.

All volunteers will receive a t-shirt for their participation. To be guaranteed your specific size, register by Monday, March 11th at 8:00am and enter your preferred size in the registration process.

Volunteering with a buddy/group? Email [email protected] and we will do our best to place you at the same station. Placement with your buddy/group cannot be guaranteed.

If you are interested in volunteering for more than one shift, please email [email protected].


* There are seven (7) General Shifts throughout the marathon, beginning at 5:30pm on Saturday, April 6th and ending at 8:00pm on Sunday, April 7th. Each shift ranges from 3.5 - 5 hours long, and you will be assigned to one station during your General Shift.

* Below are the six (6) different station options. After you complete your registration, follow the link to the Placement Preference survey to record which station you would MOST PREFER to work, and note that your top preference is not guaranteed. While you are securing a volunteer spot for your selected shift time with this ticket, your exact station assignment can not be confirmed until approximately a week before the marathon. If you cannot meet the demands of a station (for example, Bag Check), please email [email protected].

Snack Shack

• Volunteers will stock and restock the Snack Shack as needed. Volunteers are also asked to remove empty boxes and trash from the station as is necessary.

• This position is located on the main floor and requires standing for the entirety of the shift. There will be light lifting/bending involved.

Hydration Station

• Volunteers will set up water coolers and refill coolers/cups as needed.

• This position is located on the main floor and requires standing for the entirety of the shift. There will be some significant lifting/bending in order to move and refill water jugs as necessary.

Recovery Room

• Volunteers will monitor dancers that come to the recovery room when they are not feeling well. This will likely include retrieving paramedics for more specialized care and providing snacks or water.

This position is not responsible for providing medical care to students, only monitoring students and retrieving additional help when necessary.

• This position requires standing for the entirety of the shift (unless otherwise necessary to assist students).

Charging Station

• Throughout the marathon, dancers will have the opportunity to recharge their devices (mostly cell phones). Volunteers will monitor the device-charging station and process, including ensuring that dancers are following time restrictions.

• This position is located on the main floor and requires standing for the entirety of the shift.

Bag Check

• After dancers drop off their bags at stations corresponding with their dancer numbers, volunteers at assigned stations will take bags from designated bin and return to corresponding spot. Volunteers will also retrieve dancer bags and give them to the dancer upon their request during allotted time periods.

• This position requires standing for the entirety of the shift. In addition, be advised that this position requires traversing up and down stairs, navigating through bleachers, and lifting/bending. This is physically demanding. If you are physically unable to perform these tasks, please email at [email protected] so that you are not placed at this station.

Crowd Control

• Volunteers will assist with managing the public (people there to watch the dancers). Tasks will primarily include making sure the stairways are not being blocked by personal items, leading outside guests from the concourse to the crowd seating, and delivering outside food from guests to dancers on the floor.

• This position requires standing for the entirety of the shift.

MEAL HOUR SHIFTS ($15/shift, 3-hour duration)

* There are five (5) Meal Hour Shifts throughout the duration of the marathon. Each of these shifts will begin thirty (30) minutes before the dancers’ meal hour, and end thirty (30) minutes after the conclusion of the meal. (Actual shifts begin at 10:30pm on Saturday and ending at 4:30pm on Sunday.)

* During each Meal Hour Shift, volunteers will assist the Food Coordinator with setting up for meal hours, serving food to participants, and cleaning up after the meal hour is completed. This position requires standing for the entirety of the shift and the potential for some bending and lifting. If you have any serious food allergies, please consider your personal safety before selecting this position. If you are worried about food allergies, please contact our Food Coordinator at [email protected] for more information on meal hours.

PAY IT FORWARD - Gift a Volunteer Spot!

Can’t attend the marathon in person this year, but still want to help? Use our “Pay it Forward” option at checkout to gift a ticket to a student, friend or family member that wishes to volunteer, regardless of financial status.

Once you've completed your purchase, email [email protected] with your name and the name of the person you're supporting and we'll connect with them to finish their registration.

Attention volunteers: Please be aware that a recording of volunteer information will be sent before the marathon date. It is mandatory that all volunteers watch this informational recording before the 24-hour marathon. In this recording, we will discuss the logistics of each type of shift and expectations for volunteers. If you still have follow-up questions after watching the recording, please contact [email protected].

We thank you for your support of DanceBlue and the University of Kentucky!

Please note that all sales of DanceBlue Volunteer tickets are final and we will be unable to issue refunds. If you are unable to attend your shift for any reason, please contact [email protected]. This will allow us to plan for additional support that we may need in your absence.

With any questions, please contact Avery Day at [email protected]. Thank you for helping us make this year’s marathon a safe and successful event!

DanceBlue Volunteer Registration 2024
University of Kentucky
The sale has ended
Sat 5:30 PM
University of Kentucky
160 Avenue of Champions, Suite A239B, Lexington

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