Description will be a half day virtual conference, broadcasting with FinTechs spread all over the world and full of new interactive networking, inspiration and learning formats. Although lots of important conferences get cancelled, we decided towork on alternatives , so that the conference can go aheadas scheduled. Thereby, we still can support the FinTech sector itself. We will change to a virtual conference, to allow everyone toparticipate worldwide and to enable networking opportunities. The conference will provide interesting content and helpfulinsights to further push the FinTech ecosystem. The virtual 2020 represents additionally a platform to exchange and to connectwithin the FinTech Community.

Furthermore, we decided to support the FinTech scene during the crisisand to donate the earnings coming from the sold tickets to .... (aftercovering for expenses). The 2020 will therefore financiallysupport the FinTech Community.

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2020 09:00


2020 15:30




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Fintech (Liechtenstein) e.V.

Fintech (Liechtenstein) e.V.

The FINTECH.LI Conference wants to strengthen the awarenessand the development of FinTech ́s in Liechtenstein. It is the aim tofoster the financial and technological knowledge and to tiethe topic to this special financial area. Hence, we strive tocreate a platform that allows the exchange of knowledgebetween traditional, well-established businesses and startups inthe financial sector.

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