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Empowering limitless ticketing

We cut through complexity, create unlimited opportunities, unleash potential – and change the world of ticketing, now and forever. Our team is dedicated to support you in revolutionizing the way you sell tickets and manage your digital experiences.

Hundreds of thousands of sellers around the globe are forced to work with ticketing solutions that can't keep up with their needs and expectations. That’s why we are founded – to break limitations and unlock huge potentials.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower the world's ticket sellers with a unified, powerful ticketing experience fueled by co-creation on our open platform to unlock unlimited opportunities.

vivenu in numbers:

2Mtickets sold in 2020
$16.5Min Total funding
37Open positions
2018Why did three non-industry natives set sails to build a new ticketing platform? Because the industry is broken and those responsible are too comfortable to do anything about it. As a result, event organizers have largely been stuck in web 1.0, having to rely on outdated ticketing platforms with clunky back-end systems to distribute their tickets.

From the beginning, we have put use cases and understanding your pain points first, everything else second. So in the year of foundation, we already interviewed 850 customers. Their answers informed what is now and forever our core mission: To build the best, most scalable and most durable tech stack for the ticketing industry. The result of all this hard work was our platform MVP.
2019Blowing some wind in the sails. 2019 was all about developing. Developing our company set up, developing our platform, doing scalability tests, speaking to even more customers and winning the first of many larger clients to follow.

In short: We were live! We onboarded exciting ticket sellers from various segments while interviewing 1,400 new organizers who informed further amazing features.
2020We added some motors to our boat. Still silent but with full speed ahead, we grew in size, added a new office and were joined by international investors such as Balderton and Redalpine and industry experts like the owners of the 49ers who see the infinite potential in what we are building.
2021A cry for help reached us from everywhere around the world. vivenu is now an international company. We have set up the vivenu Inc. as our proud U.S. branch and are onboarding dozens of international organizers every week.

We grow, scale and boost experiences worldwide, with the best customer experience in the industry, and empower doers to change the world of ticketing forever.

vivenu has built a sophisticated product and set of APIs that gives event organisers full control of their ticketing operations

The driving force behind our growth

We collaborate openlyWe innovate and ideate together to shape the future of ticketing.
We careWe are always committed to delivering long-term successes for our stakeholders.
We break boundariesWe go the extra mile to overcome broken patterns and create unlimited opportunities.
We think globally We get inspired by and unlock potential for our global partners.

What we strive for

We believe that we live in an age where those who create value should be self-empowered and reap all that is due to them by virtue of their passion and resourcefulness. For ticketing, this means the ability to self-manage, get access to your data and having the time to work on your passion. Unfortunately, the legacy ticketing platform providers have built a business model on making sure you don't.

We break these patterns, unlock potential and help you free yourself from these oppressive conditions. This ethos is what keeps us going, today, tomorrow, and every other day of the week.

Our investors

We're lucky to be part of the amazing portfolios of world class investors.

Find out why leading industry experts like the owners of the San Francisco 49ers invested in us

The world of ticketing is changing. Change with it now.

After decades of dead ends, the world of ticketing is finally changing. Embrace the change now and lead your ticketing into the 21st century. Manage, market and analyze ticket sales effortlessly with our powerful unified platform.