1 Sept 2022 • 3 minute read

Introducing Segment, Now Live on the vivenu App Marketplace

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vivenu now supports integration with the customer data platform Segment!

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer data platform that allows its users to collect and manage customer data. A CDP is necessary to gain maximum insights from customers— it allows you to track customer activity and create personalized experiences based on each site visitor’s actions.

Segment has dozens of integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Attentive and more.

How Does the Segment Integration Help vivenu Users?

vivenu’s newest integration with Segment allows its users to accumulate valuable data on customer activity. Connecting to Segment is streamlined and simple, so this integration starts working instantly. With access to clean, consistent data, mapping the customer journey becomes yet another way to contribute to your organization’s revenue optimization. Traditional CDP’s are best at tracking data for customers you already know, but with Segment you can go far beyond. You can track anonymous users from the moment they land on your site and map them later once they’ve identified themselves.

Here are some of the most profitable ways that real time data can provide insights to help you shape the customer journey:

  • Connect with one click and get better realtime data. Once you integrate Segment into the vivenu platform, Segment starts collecting and storing customer data right away.
  • Better discover and reengage customers. With Segment’s in-depth customer insights, you’ll be able to build abandoned cart workflows, perfectly target ads, know about every step in the customer journey and identify interest as soon as it pops up.
  • Use customer tracking to improve tailored re-targeting. Segment’s powerful tracking enables you to identify every step in the customer journey in real time. You’ll gain detailed insights to build abandoned cart workflows and create targeted ads to re-engage site visitors. Customer insights also lead to better revenue optimization as you track consumer behaviors and connect them to potential upsell options. For example, say you’re a large sports club and you notice that a number of your ticket shop visitors abandon the cart. With the Segment integration, you can not only track these cart bounces, you can build tailored email sequences to recapture those potential customers.

By combining the feature-rich properties of Segment with the comprehensive data analysis vivenu has to offer, this integration has the potential to elevate your customer insights, shape the actions you can take and ultimately boost your revenue. Want to explore what vivenu’s many integrations can do for your business? Head over to https://vivenu.com/book-demo to schedule a personalized demo today!

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