8 Mar 2022 • 2 minute read

Supercharged Recurring Events

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Today, we are announcing two updates to the way organizers can display and manage recurring events on the vivenu platform.

The changes make access to recurring events on your online ticket shop seamless, turning more visitors into buyers – and empower your ticketing with smooth administration processes designed for scale and ease of use.

Optimized Landing Pages

First off, we have reimagined the visitor experience for recurring events. With dedicated landing pages for these events, your guests can discover and jump into the checkout of all recurrences in one single page.

In our tests, this compact display alone significantly increased conversion rates compared to traditional landing pages that irritate visitors with an overload of information and spaced-out choices. The new landing page design gets visitors to their tickets faster, with fewer clicks and more intuitive click flows.

With full support for proven features like availability indicators, the new landing page design now drives even more conversions, getting you closer to your maximum revenue potential.

Superior Management Capabilities

In addition, we have made the administration of recurring events as powerful and easy as never before.

As an organizer with recurring events, you often want to offer different ticket types, at different price points, with different conditions to each of the types. For ticketing managers, this used to be a nightmare, requiring mind-numbing manual processes and new adjustments every week.

Our new update makes setting these conditions a thing of just seconds: Simply choose the ticket types you want to offer on any given day, set the conditions once – and you are good to go.

Furthermore, a familiar calendar view now lets you get an actionable overview of your recurring events at a glance – and opens up for adjustments in just one click.

With these new features, we are empowering you to make the most of your recurring events, selling more tickets while spending less time on administration – and more time on putting your customers first.

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