20 Sept 2022 • 3 minute read

Understanding Page Views to Drive Conversions

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Let’s talk about your online ticket shop. As an event organizer, there are endless metrics you can track, making it tempting to spiral down a rabbit hole. To make things easier for you, we’re laying out the Metrics that Matter so you can dial in your focus to the KPIs that really count. At the end of the day, anything that helps you maximize your revenue potential tends to take top priority. One of the most revenue-driving metrics to start with is pageviews, which directly relates to conversions.

Pageviews are exactly what they sound like — the number of site visitors who have viewed your shop. Evaluating where pageviews are coming from and where your site visitors go next offers valuable data about the customer journey. This data can be used to inform actionable steps to increase conversions. Let’s dive in!

Turning Pageviews into Conversions with Visitor Tracking

Tracking pageviews is best accomplished with a pixel or customer data platform. vivenu integrates with the customer data platform (CDP) Segment, which allows its users to accumulate data on customer activity. Integrations like Segment are especially helpful for mapping the customer journey so you can see activity across channels and better understand buyer behavior. Additionally, it enables you to group customers with similar behavior patterns together. You can also integrate a tag manager in the vivenu platform for easy, accurate tracking, equipping you to direct resources to the places that would benefit most. A great example of this is in advertising. Let’s say you advertise an event on multiple channels but find out that 20% of your purchases are coming from a Facebook ad. With that data, you’ll be able to put more ad spend toward Facebook to focus on your highest-converting audience.

You can also use a pixel (like the Facebook pixel) to gather data about site visitors and retarget them with ads later on. For example, if you have a large group of site visitors who consistently browse merchandise but don’t add it to their cart, you can create a discount to incentivize a merchandise purchase. Once you have sufficient data, it’s time to turn insights into action! Information like this can show you how to re-target customers with in-ad discounts and tailored emails.

Understanding pageviews is important no matter what platform you’re using, but vivenu makes it incredibly easy by including the integrations you need right in our Marketplace. Interested to see what vivenu can do to revolutionize your ticketing? Head over to vivenu.com/contact to have an expert walk you through empowered ticketing in action.

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