30 Jun 2022 • 6 minute read

vivenu Launches First-of-its-Kind App Marketplace for Customers & Partners

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  • vivenu, the premier ticketing platform for sophisticated organizers and venues, today announced the launch of a dedicated app marketplace where customers can access and connect to the best tools and enrich their ticketing operations across the entire value chain

  • Starting with dozens of integrations like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and other best-of-breed solutions in Marketing and Analytics, Sales and Productivity, Access Control and specialized Services. The Marketplace is set to expand rapidly as more organizers seek to leverage the potential of connected ticketing

  • Organizers can install leading solutions in the event ecosystem with a single click, making the construction and operation of sophisticated multi-solution ecosystems seamless

vivenu, the tech-driven ticketing solution, introduces an app and integration Marketplace to complement its platform. This platform allows customers to break free from sub-par solutions of legacy ticketing systems by offering them connectivity to the best tools in the market and supports vivenu’s mission to delight their customers with the best technology. As vivenu continually expands its Marketplace, partners and application vendors can apply to get their solutions listed.

vivenu’s Marketplace Enables Connected Ticketing

The company’s initiative to launch a marketplace builds on the enthusiastic feedback vivenu has received from thousands of organizers around the world who are currently locked into sub-par tools – largely because their current ticketing solutions are closed-up systems that restrict data exchange with other modern and complementary solutions.

At vivenu, the team saw how modular technology and customer-centricity could help alleviate this burden. The Marketplace is the natural extension of vivenu’s open platform, letting organizers solve ticketing-adjacent use cases with the best solutions for each challenge, e.g., customer relationship management and marketing automation – and elevate their customer experience to a completely new level.

Enabling Enterprise and SMB Organizers to Choose the Best Tools for the Job

For enterprise organizers, the Marketplace means they are now free to choose the solutions that work best for them. Instead of having to make do with sub-par solutions mandated by their ticketing solution, organizers can now build their digital ecosystem exactly to their needs.

For SMB organizers, the Marketplace offers effortless confidence for their future growth. With dozens of turnkey solutions to all the challenges of rapid growth, from advanced customer analytics to complex discount logics, available to install with a single click, organizers can rest assured that they can always add the functionalities they need as their ticket sales and complexity of use cases grow.

The Marketplace Features Apps and Integrations with Best-in-Class Systems

Customers can connect to the best tools to enrich their ticketing operations across the entire value chain: Marketing and Analytics, Sales and Productivity, Access Control and specialized Services – the vivenu Marketplace offers connectivity to the best tools in all categories.

The company has already integrated with leading solutions such as Hubspot for CRM, Shopify for eCommerce, Mailchimp for email marketing, and many others. With new integrations constantly being added to the Marketplace, the vivenu platform ensures organizers always have access to the best solutions out there – both today and in the future.

Partners can Grow Their Business by Integrating with vivenu

Partners can apply and develop their own solutions for the vivenu Marketplace to expand their customer reach.

The company will expand its partner network even further, extending existing categories and onboarding new ones across channel management, dynamic pricing, point-of-sales solutions, and others that are complementary to vivenu’s ticketing platform.

If you think the marketplace would be perfect to place your solution or if you are a developer who wants to build on the vivenu platform, please request access to our partnership and development resources via the contact form.

Want to Know more About How the Marketplace can Supercharge Your Ticketing?

If you are an existing customer interested in learning more, simply get in touch with your Customer Success Specialist to get a walkthrough of the marketplace.

If you are interested in learning more about vivenu, get in touch.

About vivenu

​​vivenu is the future-proof solution for ticket sellers to manage, market, and analyze ticket sales efficiently. Created to support hundreds of thousands of event organizers and venues around the globe that until now had to work with clunky systems that haven’t kept up with their needs and expectations, vivenu is the first solution for the digital era that enables effortless and self-empowered ticketing. Founded in 2018 by Simon Hennes, Simon Weber, and Jens Teichert, the company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, with additional offices in New York City and Darmstadt. vivenu supports organizers worldwide with its powerful, ready-to-use platform and a set of powerful APIs and SDKs.

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