27 Oct 2021 • 4 minute read

What "Limitless Ticketing" Means to Us

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Limitless ticketing.

It's plastered all over our website. It's at the core of our marketing and sales. It's our company's mission.

So what is it?

In short: It's our definition of success. For our customers, for our product, for vivenu as a company. To enable it is why we exist.

Making it a reality for all organizers is what our day-to-day work is all about. It's the one unified yardstick across product, sales, and customer success at vivenu.

When we pitch our mission and product to customers, many of them have an intuitive grasp of what "limitless ticketing" is. They understand it by contrast: the biggest players in the ticketing solution market today have made a business model out of imposing tight limits on what their customers can do – and demanding high fees for removing them.

"Limitless ticketing", then, happens when we free organizers from these restrictions. For this post, the focus is on the three areas where we know the pain of limitations is especially brutal – and the potential for improvement greatest.

1) Data Access

Knowing who your customers are, where they come from and what they buy is essential to crafting a winning customer experience. Current solution providers limit access to these data because they are often themselves using it to sell tickets through their own platforms, effectively profiting from data that by right should belong to organizers.

vivenu honors this right: we are a B2B company, not a ticket broker. There is no conflict of interest. We want you to sell more tickets, so we give you access to all customer and transaction data you need to do just that from day one.

2) Integrations

Making sure data on events, customers, and other aspects of an organizer's business is synchronized between tools is increasingly essential to building winning ticketing experiences. However, status quo solutions limit what integrations organizers can realize – and extracting exorbitant development fees for those they allow.

With vivenu, there are no limits on the integrations: a growing list of pre-built integrations to the most popular solutions in access control, CRM, and many other categories ensure maximum openness out-of-the-box. And with the vivenu API, we enable organizers to craft 1:1 integrations to every tool they could ever need.

3) Self-Service Capabilities

Forced reliance on customer success services in everything from seat map creation and maintenance to at least a glimpse of customer data has been a long-standing annoyance for organizers around the world. By limiting self-service capabilities, incumbent solutions have unlocked a new revenue stream for service revenues that help their bottom line at the peril of organizers who just want to get things done.

We have built vivenu to make self-service a reality for even the most sophisticated ticketing operations. With its intuitive design and smart workflows, we are putting the power to create, manage, and sell tickets firmly into the hands of users. Our customer success team is there to help, of course – but they act more as facilitators to independent ticketing operations than as extractors of service revenue. Their goal is not to log billable hours, but to empower our customers to do more.

This is what limitless ticketing means to us – and what we strive to deliver every day.

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