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Build the machine

The only way vivenu continues to grow and beat competitors is by constantly finding and hiring exceptional people who contribute their rich insights and experiences to our mission. This starts with an exceptional talent acquisition team and process. As part of this team, the whole company relies on your conscientiousness and judgement in the selection of the right candidates for our many open roles.

Owning the end-to-end candidate experience, it is your people skills and process adherence that determine the first, second, and later impression vivenu makes on candidates.

Our team consists of absolute rockstars, each uniquely qualified in their fields.

Fix a broken industry

As part of the talent acquisition team, you are building the team that drives innovation in the event industry, one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. The technology organizers use is still stuck in the early 2000s. From our conversation with thousands of organizers, we know just how unhappy they are with their current solutions. With vivenu, we are building the first serious challenger to incumbent solutions in decades, based on the principles of openness, independence, and simplicity – and a best-in-class technology stack that enables organizers around the world to do more, faster, build their own solutions on top of the vivenu API, and achieve true autonomy.

Your impact is straightforward: You will revolutionize ticketing worldwide.

Our People DNA

Get it done

The People function plays a pivotal role for vivenu’s growth. Getting it done means that we are always there for our candidates and their questions – and make sure that processes are swift and efficient at all times. Every member of the People team has true ownership – in turn, they are held accountable for their contributions.

Be relentless

Our candidates are among the best in their respective fields and have a lot of options for where to take their talents next. We know that to win them for vivenu, we have to go the extra mile: From sourcing and engaging to closing candidates, we are relentless in our pursuit of the best talent across functions and roles.

Keep growing

Finding and hiring the best people for vivenu is highly dynamic and requires us to constantly evolve. This is why we live a culture of open and constructive feedback – and always challenge ourselves to become better in how we serve the company, our employees, and candidates. Your intuition will become even sharper over time.

Deliver the 100x

Building out performant, compatible teams in a fast-growing company like vivenu means that we set ourselves very ambitious hiring goals on the road to global expansion. At the same time, we are always prioritizing quality over quantity, making the challenge to find and hire a lot of exceptional people very fast. How is that for a challenge?

What does a typical day look like?

Ada Deichmann

Head of People and Operations

Taking stock and taking action

Your day starts with taking stock of what happened since you left the office the day before. You answer requests and questions candidates currently in the process have sent to your e-mail inbox. No two candidates are alike and you take special care to make them feel welcome and safe. Afterwards, you check what’s ahead for the day: You have ten interviews with candidates today, and you quickly remind other stakeholders that they have to submit their feedback on candidates that have already made their way further along in the process.

Team check-in

You have 10-minute meetings with each talent acquisition specialist on your team today to discuss and remove roadblocks for them, catch up on the current status of their candidate pipeline, and make sure that they are on track with their tasks. Confident that your team is on track, you prepare for your first candidate meeting of the day.

First candidate meeting

First meeting with a great applicant for the Sales team. Charlene is personable, excited, and has worked at some great places before. After an energizing 30 minutes, you tell her that you will discuss her profile at the wrap-up meeting later today and that she can ping you with any questions in the meantime. From your first impression, Charlene could be a great addition to the team!

More candidate meetings

Lunch with the team

You join the rest of your team for lunch at the cafeteria. The atmosphere is great: You have already talked to some amazing candidates and feel energized for the afternoon.

Hiring manager meeting

You are meeting with Eloise, a Hiring Manager at vivenu, to discuss the profile and process for a new high-impact hire. You quickly align on what you would like to see in an ideal candidate in terms of personality, profile, and prior experience. After defining the interview stages for this role, you leave the meeting feeling confident that you are going to find a great candidate for the role very soon.

Strategy meeting

You want to drive a new recruiting campaign targeted at recent graduates of top universities in France and your team lead has asked you to prepare a quick input on potential targets and come up with ideas around how best to approach your targets. This is exciting – and will fill our talent pipeline as we scale!

Send out offers

The best part of the day must be sending out offers to candidates. You know that they have been waiting for that final response and that a job at vivenu is going to have a tremendous impact on their life.

Attend a vivenu Knowledge Nugget session

A big part of the vivenu experience is the constant learning and growth. To end your day, you are attending an inspiring talk by one of the talent acquisition leaders on what they do to foster a feeling of safety and inclusion for all their candidates. You come out with concrete, actionable learnings that you can't wait to use in your own practice going forward.

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Head of People and Operations

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