Efficiently sell your remaining tickets at the Point-of-Sale

Extend your reach and provide your ticket buyers full flexibility of buying tickets. vivenu's POS solution can be set up in minutes, customized to your needs and synchronizes instantaneously with your other sales channels.

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Finally manage your Point-of-Sale hassle-free

  • Effortlessly set it up in minutes
  • Manage and analyze all sales via your admin account
  • Design POS tickets to your standards
  • Customize the interface and make your cashiers smile
  • Scan POS tickets, both online and offline

Explore all the benefits

Invitation Management

Invite guests via secret shops or with our invitation management tools

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Omni-channel Sales

The days of distributed sales are long over, welcome to omni-channel ticketing

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Point of Sale

Extend your reach and efficiently sell your remaining stock at the POS

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Secondary Market

Let your buyers securely sell their tickets on an integrated secondary market and generate additional revenues

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The bits to power your booths

Retire those old slide rulers and analogous cash registers: Welcome to a better way of selling at your POS and connecting your online and offline sales. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about our POS solutions.