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Turn Around Aging gGmbH

Turn Around Aging gGmbH

Company: Turn Around Aging gGmbH is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting scientific research and public health, specifically focusing on the innovative and ever-evolving field of longevity. As founders, we - Quintus and Angela Dienst, and Johannes von Mallinckrodt - are committed to establishing a curated platform for doctors, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in the longevity sector.

Vision: Our vision involves fostering a paradigm shift in medicine, transitioning from merely treating diseases to proactively preserving health. By featuring practical, scientifically supported therapies and technologies that are already proving successful today, we aim to enrich people's later years and ultimately extend overall life expectancy.

Goals: Our inaugural Turn Around Aging conference, to be held at the Künstlerhaus in Munich on March 8th and 9th, 2024, sets out to achieve several goals:

1. Knowledge Transfer: We aim to provide participants with comprehensive insights into the latest developments in the longevity field, presenting practical and scientifically validated offerings currently being used successfully.

2. Community Building: We strive to build a vibrant community, bringing together experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from the longevity sector, united by a shared commitment to advancing the science of longevity.

3. Promotion of Partnerships: Our conference serves as an ideal setting for fostering valuable partnerships and encouraging the exchange of ideas and resources among leading figures in the field.

4. Driving Innovation: We aspire to accelerate progress in the longevity industry and enhance its impact on healthcare and society as a whole.