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Empower the best

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is an integral part of why organizers around the world choose and stay with vivenu. In practice, this means making sure that our customers, regardless of scope and size, feel empowered and delighted using the vivenu platform at every turn. We achieve this by renewing and executing every day on our promise to always be there for them, provide actionable solutions to their challenges, and offer the resources that enable fully independent ticketing. In many cases, our customer experience specialits form strong personal relationships with the customers they serve that result from solving complex challenges together.

For our customers and their success, we are running through walls.

Fix a broken industry

As part of the customer success team, you are empowering the trailblazers at the forefront of innovation in the event industry, one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. The technology organizers use is still stuck in the early 2000s. From our conversation with thousands of organizers, we know just how unhappy they are with their current solutions. With vivenu, we are building the first serious challenger to incumbent solutions in decades, based on the principles of openness, independence, and simplicity – and a best-in-class technology stack that enables organizers around the world to do more, faster, build their own solutions on top of the vivenu API, and achieve true autonomy.

Your impact is straightforward: You will revolutionize ticketing worldwide.

Our Customer Experience DNA

Get it done

Our customers and their continued trust are our biggest asset, and when they need something – anything – to maximize their experience on the vivenu platform, we do everything we can to deliver for them. Getting it done means that we do not stop until we have figured it out for them.

Be relentless

Our number one priority is making sure that working with the vivenu platform becomes a more delightful, more effective experience every day. This is why we continouosly educate on how best to use vivenu’s industry-leading management capabilities and provide the help customers need to get things done.

Keep growing

We serve hundreds of customers across many different countries, industries, and sizes. As a result, we are exposed to dozens of different, unique challenges they bring to us every day. 'Keep growing' means that we need to always learn and evolve to stay on top of their needs.

Deliver the 100x

The customer experience at vivenu is determined by the platform and the customer success experience. By delivering a 10x experience on both, we create an overall experience that is 100x better. To change the ticketing industry for good, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

What does a typical day look like?

Lara Mischo

Customer Success Lead

Process e-mails

vivenu serves customers on four continents. This means that our platform is in use by some organizer at virtually every minute of the day – and that it's not uncommon for a support request to arrive at 4 am our time. A strong coffee in hand, you clear the support requests from the night before. Most of the issues were already handled by the organizers after a quick look at the vivenu Wiki containing extensive documentation and how-tos!

Onboarding Call

Your colleagues in Sales have closed a couple of exciting new customers over the last few days – now you need to get them up to speed on all functionalities of the platform and help them get the most out of their experience with vivenu. An hour of demonstration and Q&A later, they have successfully created their customized event shop and are ready to sell tickets!

Sales assistance

Especially for organizers with complex needs and a high number of tickets, knowing that customer experience is not only responsive, but also personable and exceedingly competent is a must. To establish this trust, you are sometimes looped into sales conversations to answer outstanding questions around the product and give customers a feeling about what working with you as their customer experience specialist would be like. This call is going well: The potential customers message their vivenu sales expert afterwards praising how knowledgable and likable you were.


You have lunch with your team mates in the cafeteria when a customer calls with an urgent question. You handle the matter efficiently and politely before returning to the conversation about your favorite hiking spots.

More onboarding calls

Strategy meeting

You meet with your team lead to discuss ideas on how to further reduce response time using templates built from the most frequently asked questions. You agree on a project plan and timeline. You leave the meeting knowing that your work will enhance the work of the entire team.

Build seatmap

You have recently won a household name soccer club as a customer. Now they need a seatmap for home games in their 60,000 seat stadium that mirrors all ticket and seat categories down to the last seat. Using the vivenu seatmap editor, you start building out the seatmap and get it done.

Emergency response

The owner of a poetry festival, a long-time customer, is calling with an urgent request: His access control provider has not onboarded all of their staff to the vivenu Event Manager and doors are opening in 15 minutes. You calmly walk him through the process, send the instructions via e-mail for good measure, and spend some time catching up on the programming of this year's festival. Before hanging up, he thanks you profusely for always being there for him.

Great job!

Your day ends like it started: Chatting about the day's events with your team mates, you leave the office for the day.

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Head of People and Operations

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