The weekend of the year runs on vivenu

Your guests will talk about it as the highlight of their festival season. Make sure your ticketing doesn't disappoint – with the scalable, infinitely customizable vivenu solution you can build digital dream worlds that are remembered forever.

Powerful ticketing for all your needs, and then some

You want your guests to have a magical time at your festival, so don't let their ticketing experience kill the vibe. Instead of complex ticketing software interfaces, hours spent on the phone with customer success, and ugly, inflexible customer flows, give them something better: With full customizability that will stoke excitement all already when your guests are booking.

Ticketing that is fun
and convinces customers

Let your brand take center stage

Build truly immersive branded ticketing experiences – with the look and feel completely in your control.

Fully configurable your booking streaks

vivenu makes up-sells and products configurable – and gives you full flexibility to create complex rule-based bookings. For example by finding the most effective up-selling nudge based on what your customers have put into their shopping carts.

Grow revenue

Don't let potential revenue go to waste – and capture all that you deserve while cutting out the middlemen.

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Build the ticketing you always wished you could and create fully immersive experiences today

Some of our impeccable features that always got you covered

Built-in scalability

Even with hundreds of thousands of people accessing your shop at the same, the vivenu platform is designed to not only work but truly thrives under extreme peak loads.

Comprehensive data and analytics

Make the most of your customer relationships, with customer tagging, visitor sources, geographical and check in statistics, and thorough up-sell and marketing capabilities.

Smart automations

Build all your presale phases, shops for sponsors, and other products. Set the rules once, and let our automation engine take care of the rest.

Price and contingent management

Complex discount campaigns, special conditions for sponsors and friends? No sweat. Our out-of-the-box customization capabilities and seamless integrations to your shop system and website let you do more, easier.


your fans love your festival, so make them come back – and grow your revenue with vivenu's powerful marketing and retargeting solutions.

Invites and coupons, rethought

Set up your campaigns and send out coupons and invites automatically - vivenu's invite and coupon management solution lets you do whatever you want.

Build fully immersive, all-on-one experiences for your guests

With the vivenu API, we enable you to go even further – and build a solution that is tailored specifically to your festival, a true one-of-one. Ticketing is the central hub of your digital experiences: Integrate food & drinks, merchandise and sponsors to provide a seamless digital experience that will make your guests feel welcome and unique

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Everything you need in a ticketing solution – and all the features you always wished it had

Design Your Shops

Design and fully customize your ticket shops.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate and start leveraging the tools you already use instantly with our powerful platform.

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Access Control

No matter how big your festival is, we got you covered when it comes to your access control with seamless integrations to the most common systems.

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Payment Flexibility

vivenu offers 60+ payment methods – and we are constantly adding new ones so your customers can buy the way they like.

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Manager App

Make quick changes on the fly and scan tickets with your smartphone - everywhere, anytime.

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Ticketing for the main stages. And the side stages. And all others.

Make fully branded ticketing your new headliner and let the crowd go wild with our fully-featured ticketing solution for the new digital era. Schedule a demo with our festival experts today!