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The derby is enough of a nail-biter – make sure your ticketing isn't

Give your fans what they deserve, with data-driven sales, customized designs & booking streaks, and powerful analytics.

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Ticketing doesn't have to be hard

Before your team makes its way onto the pitch, you have already played your game: Getting thousands of fans safely into the stadium and to their places. So far, winning on this front was tedious: A lot of complex, manual processes – always bumping against the limits of what your ticketing software could do, and managing the needs of marketing, operations, and ticket managers.

In short: Managing ticketing was an annoyance you were not really looking forward to – until now!

So simple, it just fades into the background

vivenu is built to enable you to do your best work, not to bother you with complexity. We have spent a lot of time making your workflows as intuitive and easy as possible, so you can build one-off fan experiences and don't have to worry about all the issues that used to make ticketing annoying. Save hundreds of clicks on daily tasks and say goodbye to the tiresome dances with your account manager around little changes.

Dynamic realtime seating

We are the first ticketing solution ever to provide dynamic seating that deserves its name: With seats being reserved and indicated as such, the moment your customers click on them. Get your fans a taste of the stadium atmosphere already while they are booking.

Complex inventories, managed on the fly

We understand that while your fans are your biggest assets, the resulting complex ticket inventory management is not as joyful. vivenu's dedicated management tools for sports venues pave the way on how things should be done: Flexible, intuitive, and built to make your life easier.

  • Checkout flows as unique as your fans

    Connect with your fans and serve their needs – with an easy and fully customizable checkout flow that looks and feels exactly the way your fans want it to. Get back into the driver's seat and own your shop experiences.

  • Make your partners feel appreciated

    Elevate your sponsors' and other stakeholders' experiences with secret shops that provide extra perks based on your cooperation – No more manual blocking of contingents and hoping you have done the right thing.

  • Boost your fan engagement with branded experiences and smart checkouts

    The platform features that empower the world of professional sport ticketing


    Create your own seatmaps in minutes, manage and update at the click of a button. No more "please hold" with account management. Just do it yourself. And if you have any questions, our dedicated team of industry specialists is always there for you.

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    Checkout flows

    Intuitive, fully customizable order flows make booking tickets easy and accessible.

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    Analyze and retarget

    Maximize sales with actionable insights from vivenu's analytics engine and vivid, intuitive dashboards that give you full visibility into all the data that matters.

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    Omni-channel sales

    Sell tickets across all channels, including fully-compliant POS sales that ensure your tickets can be scanned on- and offline.

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    Build innovative, engaging products on top of the vivenu API

    Whether it's a lottery system to distribute tickets in the fairest way possible or granular visitor profiles that help you enhance the fan experience with personalized offerings – with our powerful, well-documented API and extensive integrations, there are no limits to what you can build to enhance the fan experience.

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    Everything you need in a ticketing solution – and all the features you always wished it had

    Point of Sale

    Rock your ticket sales everywhere in every way with our omni-channel platform

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    Season tickets

    Master your season ticket sales with subscriptions and full modularity

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    Integrated tool

    Understand and target your customers masterfully with our integrated CRM tools

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    Customer Success

    We never let you down! Our experts are always there for you to elevate your ticketing

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    Your ticketing slam dunk

    Want to learn why we are routinely beating our competitors even for the most complex ticketing operations? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to find out.