Engineering at vivenu

Build, test, ship

As a member of the engineering team, you are part of an elite squad at vivenu, responsible for building and optimizing the very core of the company: The vivenu platform, including API and SDKs. With a high degree of autonomy, you and your colleagues across four time zones work on a tight schedule, regularly pushing to production new features and improvements that impact millions of people around the world. With every member of the engineering team chosen for their excellence and solution-oriented approach, you know you can count on each and every single one of them to do whatever it takes to deliver on their projects.

Engineers at vivenu are an elite squad of tinkerers and builders.

Fix a broken industry

As part of the engineering team, you are building the product that drives innovation in the event industry, one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. The technology organizers use is still stuck in the early 2000s. From our conversation with thousands of organizers, we know just how unhappy they are with their current solutions. With vivenu, we are building the first serious challenger to incumbent solutions in decades, based on the principles of openness, independence, and simplicity – and a best-in-class technology stack that enables organizers around the world to do more, faster, build their own solutions on top of the vivenu API, and achieve true autonomy.

Your impact is straightforward: You will revolutionize ticketing worldwide.

Our Engineering DNA

Get it done

Working in engineering at vivenu is a mix of long periods of deep focus and occasional outbursts of fast, dynamic work stretches. The former makes us better, the latter more efficient – but they are always in service of getting it done. Our output is mission-critical to our customers, so we just can't afford to not ship.

Be relentless

Solving the complex problems of sophisticated organizers around the world challenges us in new ways every day: There is always some edge case you have not solved for or a complication you have not considered. Being relentless means going through this process of building and iterating again and again until the problem is solved.

Keep growing

The products we are building have to perform without fail, around the world, and at any given time. To continue to deliver on these commitments and build the leading ticketing solution in the market, we need to constantly challenge ourselves. Without this process of constant growth, we would get stuck – and nobody likes being stuck.

Deliver the 100x

The bar for quality is extremely high at vivenu. Our work touches millions of people, so we have to make absolutely sure that it is reliable and scalable to a fault. Doing this requires an ethos of excellence that is shared by your peers. Delivering that experience is what gets every single one of us out of bed in the morning.

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