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Get our name out there

In the Marketing team at vivenu, your work is the cornerstone for building a global business, ensuring that we are continuously fostering trust with all our customers. You are responsible for defining and promoting the vivenu brand, product innovations and core values across online, print and broadcast media as well as events to our diverse customer groups. By constantly measuring the success of our initiatives, you ensure that we continuously improve and refine our messaging.

Transforming our customers’ ticketing operations starts with the awareness of what’s possible. Our marketing team makes sure we get on the radar.

Fix a broken industry

As part of the marketing team, you are communicating the unique value vivenu brings to its customers and key stakeholders in the event industry, one of the most vibrant and exciting industries in the world. The technology organizers use is still stuck in the early 2000s. From our conversations with thousands of organizers, we know just how unhappy they are with their current solutions. With vivenu, we are building the first serious challenger to incumbent solutions in decades, based on the principles of empowerment, independence, and openness – and a best-in-class technology stack that enables organizers around the world to do more, faster, build their own solutions on top of the vivenu API, and achieve true autonomy.

Your impact is straightforward: You will revolutionize ticketing worldwide.

Our Marketing DNA

Get it done

Marketing requires uniting creativity with numbers-driven optimization. Across approaches, we make sure that we do everything to get the vivenu brand and message out there, beating tight deadlines and ambitious growth targets. This way, we keep building our customers' sustained trust in us and our product – and acquire new leads.

Be relentless

The approaches we use to address new segments and customer profiles are constantly evolving. The same messages and campaigns that have worked a month ago might be outdated today, and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach the people who would benefit most from our solution. This requires us to always be on the hunt.

Keep growing

Before customers meet our Sales team, they have had between five and 50 touchpoints with us. These touchpoints are essential for building the trust they need to make the change – after all, ticketing is at the heart of their operations. Therefore, in order for vivenu to grow as a business, the ability of Marketing to further build the trust in our brand is paramount.

Deliver the 100x

We equip our customers with everything they need to make an informed decision about going with vivenu and support our sales teams to get the right message about vivenu in the hands of the right people. In a competitive market, it is crucial that every deliverable, campaign and presentation we put out into the world sets a new standard.

What does a typical day look like?

Marie Schlaak

Head of Marketing DACH


Your first meeting of the day is a favorite among the team: Coffee in hand, the stand-up is where you and your team mates review the Marketing roadmap, update each other on what you are currently working on and sound new ideas and initiatives. Your ongoing projects are solidly on track and you share a great new idea to get on the radar of big customers in an ingenious, funny way that is true to the vivenu brand. Energized, you head into your day.

Content Planning

It’s time to map out the next two months of content across channels. This is a great time to brainstorm with your team, go through ideas you have collected, and come up with compelling stories and narratives that will be sure to pull prospective customers into the vivenu content ecosystem (and make them sign up to the vivenu newsletter at With an eye for efficiency, you finish the meeting right on the clock with the content strategy for the next eight weeks sorted.

Prepare Persona Workshop For A New Segment

Business development has identified a promising new segment where vivenu is the perfect solution: Customers in this niche tend to specifically demand API capabilities to build one-off use cases, and vivenu is perfectly positioned to help them. To nail the messaging for this segment, you have scheduled a workshop with the Account Executives responsible for this segment to identify what the ideal buyer personas look like. These workshops are always fun and you prepare the agenda to get the most value from it.

Ad-hoc Sales Enablement

Samuel, one of the Account Executives, pings you on Slack: “Do you have five minutes?” Of course you do! Clearly excited, he comes over to tell you about the promising meeting he has just had with a large festival: They have been looking for a solution like vivenu and want more information to make a decision on moving forward. You spend the next 15 minutes hashing out what slides and features will most excite this customer with Samuel and put a review meeting for the final slide deck on the calendar. This is going to be fun!

Lunch Break

Over sandwiches with the team, you discuss the latest personal updates. Josh just proposed to his girlfriend and is showing pictures of the moment. This is amazing: You have met Alexandra a couple of times at social events and they seemed like a match made in heaven. You make plans to celebrate this Friday.

Customer Interview

Telling our customers’ stories about their experience with vivenu and the improvements they have seen remains one of the most effective ways to convince prospects to take a meeting. Today, you are interviewing the Head of Ticketing for a large car racing circuit about his experience after a year on the platform. He is still as excited as the first day, and authorizes a number of very positive quotes that you just know are going to get amazing engagement on LinkedIn.

Feedback Session

Still energized from the enthusiastic conversation in your last meeting, you grab a coffee from the kitchen and look for your Team Lead. Together, you had out of the office for a quick walk and your bi-weekly mentoring session. While walking, you share your observations and conclusions from the last two weeks, and discuss areas where improvements are possible. Your Lead shares some valuable suggestions that you can implement right away, and on the ride up the elevator, your head is already full of new ideas. Back at the office, you review one of the projects you own together and define next steps.

Performance Marketing Review

You sit down with your colleague Rodrigo to take a look at the performance of one of your recent search campaigns geared at ticketing managers at large soccer clubs. The campaign has performed decently, but there is always room for improvement. Rodrigo is a true SEA wizard, and together, you come up with two tweaks that might just do the trick. After a quick chat about weekend plans (Rodrigo is going to see his favorite band live in concert), it’s back to your desk for one last check. Slack? No unanswered messages. E-mail? All clean. Nice!

Heading Home

After a day filled with fresh new ideas and great execution, you head home after stopping at the supermarket. It's taco night and this week, it's your turn to feed a horde of friends while chatting it up.

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